Improve your Ball Striking

Learn how to find Solid Impact time after time. Hitting with a flat left wrist is the great ball-striker’s secret. Get there by working on simple swing fundamentals. Simple instruction and drills from Team Ross Golf can help you find the groove.

Develop your Short Game

Roughly 65% of their shots are within 60 yards of the green, yet some would rather stand on the range and hit drivers all day. The Simple Truth is – improve your shortage and you’ll quickly shoot lower scores. And work on your short game can also improve your full swing.

Sink more putts. Simple as that.

Putting the ball in the hole is object of the game. Team Ross Golf can help you develop your feel on the greens for consistent distance, aim and speed and lower scores. Hear the sweet sound of the ball rattling in the hole.

A Quick Lesson to Improve your Score

Get out of trouble and get on the green.

Good Practice Makes a Good Game

Golf is a team game. You are the player and Team Ross Golf is the coach. Every player needs simple and directadvice from a good coach to play better.

Practice should have a purpose. Improvement comes not with “beating balls” all day on the range without a plan. Improvement comes when you have a good coach to help you determine solid goals and show you focused drills to achieve progress. A golf game and precisely the golf swing is achieved with focusing on one drill at a time to build success over time. You’ll see a little discipline with practice pays off on the course.

J.R. Ross’ coaching methods are clear and concise. A PGA Member since 1989, he has specialized in teaching golf to players of all levels. For 10 years he served as Head Golf Pro and Director of Golf at Chateau Elan. He has also served as Director of Instruction for The Nike Golf Learning Center. J.R. has studied the techniques of teaching under the finest PGA Professionals in the country. He is a PING certified club fitter and uses video and teaching aids to help his students surpass their golfing goals.

Golf Instruction

  • Grip

    It’s logical a good swing golf swing starts with a good grip. A good swing with a bad grip will fail. We’ll work together to find the proper grip for you so you can swing as well as you should.

  • Stance

    Correct posture begins before you swing the club. Every body is different but set-up fundamentals are consistent. We’ll achieve a consistent and proper stance that you’ll effortlessly set up before every swing.

  • Tempo & Rhythm

    Every golfer swing has a natural tempo and rhythm. And it takes coaching and effort to find it. We’ll work together to synchronize your swing to your unique inner clock.

  • Swing

    Jack Nicklaus said that the golf is not only about positions but also about movement. Together we’ll develop a plan and drills to key in on the basic positions and motions. Whether you are a technical player or more of a feel player, the quickest path to improvement is working on fundamentals.

  • Squaring Clubface

    Every stroke – driver, irons, greenside, puttting – is about delivering the clubface square to the ball at impact. It’s critical in every golf shot from shaping a shot around a dogleg to tracking your line on a putt. Together we’ll develop your skills to make square contact consistently with every club.